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Dextero DAT1 Tire Review: Is It Suitable For My Chevy Truck?

Are you looking for a cost-effective all-terrain tire for your SUV or pickup truck? Dextero DAT1 Tire may be the best option for you. This Dextero DAT1 Tire review will help you make the best decision.

Buying the best all-terrain tire for your SUV or truck is a good investment. It allows you to have a smooth and comfortable ride on and off the road. Additionally, this Dextero DAT1 Tire is the best choice if you are looking for a quiet tire with an excellent wet and dry performance at the most competitive price.

This Dextero DAT1 Tire review reveals every detail you should know before purchasing it. Read on for more information!

Dextero DAT1 Tire is the best choice if you are looking for a quiet tire with an excellent wet and dry performance at the most competitive price.


Dextero DAT1 all-terrain tire is professionally designed to deliver the best performance on and off the road. The treads are engineered to ensure your comfort and noiseless ride. Its grip and traction on wet and dry road surfaces are also top-notch.

Dextero DAT1 is an excellent tire choice for SUVs and pickup trucks.

The Dextero DAT1 tire is a Giti Tire Brand based in Singapore, but it has a worldwide presence. The company has 8 state-of-the-art manufacturing sites that serve over 130 countries. It started its operation in North America in 2017 when a manufacturing facility in Chester County, South Carolina, was commissioned. Currently, this facility makes most tire sizes to serve the United States and the entire continent.

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Dry Performance

The Dextero DAT1 is designed to offer the best performance on dry roads. Its center rib provides on-road stability and handling. You will have the best experience with these tires on any surface. They are not named all-terrain for nothing but for their ability to take on both dry and wet surfaces.

Wet Performance

The Dextero DAT1 all-terrain tires have features that make them a beast on wet surfaces. They are designed with wide shoulder channels to improve wet performance. Additionally, the sidewall traction lugs provide grip in soft terrain. These are the features you need to control your vehicle and prompt steering response when negotiating bends.

Snow Performance

Dextero DAT1 tires are the best choice for off-road use, but not on a snowy road. You will get maximum grip and traction to keep you going on dry and wet surfaces. The tires have offset tread grooving and good self-cleaning capability. However, these properties quickly deteriorate once snow sets in. Steering becomes problematic because the wheels may just slide instead of spinning.

Noise Level

Dextero DAT1 all-terrain tires boast a quiet ride even at high speeds. They are designed through five-pitch technology that significantly reduces road noise. You will not be disturbed by the irritating sounds that some tires usually produce when on the road.

Comfort Level

Choose Dextero DAT1 tires for comfort. You will have a quiet and comfortable ride to cover long distances without fatigue. These tires transmit minimum vibration to the cabin and produce negligible noise.

Dextero DAT1 Tire Sizes Chart

Tire SizeLI / SRUTQG
P235/75R15*108S XL520 A B
P235/70R16*104T520 A B
P245/70R16*106T520 A B
P255/70R16*109T520 A B
P265/70R16*111T520 A B
P245/75R16*109T520 A B

*Indicates sizes that are proudly Made in the USA

Tire SizeLI / SR (s/d)Load Range / Ply Rating
31X10.50R15LT109SC / 6
LT245/75R16120/116SE / 10
LT265/75R16123/120SE / 10
LT265/70R17121/118SE / 10

LI Load Index | SR Speed Rating | XL Extra Load

(s/d) Single/Dual | UTQG Uniform Tire Quality Grade

Specifications may change without notice.


The Dextero DAT1 all-terrain tire comes with a 50-mile time-limited warranty. Upon examination by an authorized Dextero representative, any eligible tire that is not usable due to conditions caused by poor workmanship or material will be replaced. However, the tire should not have worn down to more than 2/32 inches of the original tread depth.

You, as the owner, shoulder the cost of mounting, balancing, disposal fees, service charges, or any applicable fees. Only the tire replacement is done for free if the warranty is valid.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent on-road stability and handling
  • Improved performance on wet surfaces
  • Self-cleaning for a better off-road cleaning
  • Long tread life
  • Reduced road noise for a quiet and comfortable ride
  • 50-mile time limited warranty


  • Prone to cracks on the lower sidewalls
  • Poor snow performance


Dextero DAT1 all-terrain tires are an excellent choice for SUVs and pickup trucks. If you are an off-road driver, these are the tire types you need to take on dry and wet roads. They are designed to give you maximum traction in all those conditions, though snow may compromise the capability.

Dextero DAT1 tires are also an affordable option for on-road use. They feel comfortable and produce minimal noise. You will have a relatively quiet cabin and a comfortable ride.

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