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How to Turn Off TC Light on Chevy Equinox

The Chevy Equinox stands tall in the lineage of Chevrolet’s dependable vehicles. It’s a compact SUV that has captured the hearts of many due to its performance, design, and safety features. You might occasionally notice various indicators and lights flashing on your dashboard.

One such light, that might have grabbed your attention, is the TC light. This abbreviation stands for Traction Control, a system in your Equinox that ensures your wheels grip the road properly, especially in challenging conditions like rain or snow.

How to Turn Off TC Light on Chevy Equinox
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When the TC light is illuminated on your dashboard, it signals you about the status of your traction control system. It can mean the system is actively working, or there might be an issue needing your attention. If you wish to turn it off or understand its specifics, you’ll find detailed steps in the upcoming sections. To ensure your safety and maintain the optimal performance of your Chevy Equinox, it’s crucial to address this light appropriately.

So, for a detailed guide on How to Turn Off the TC Light on Chevy Equinox, continue reading the full post.

Reasons the TC Light Stays On in Your Chevy Equinox

So you’ve noticed that the ‘TC’ light in your Chevy Equinox seems to have made itself at home on your dashboard. While it can be a tad concerning, understanding why it’s staying on can help you address the issue effectively. Here’s a breakdown.

1. Traction Control is Turned Off

The simplest reason might be that you or someone else turned off the Traction Control system. Maybe to get out of a sticky situation or by mistake. Check if the system is turned off by pressing the ‘Tc’ button. If the light goes off, that is it.

2. Wheel Speed Sensors

The Traction Control system relies on wheel speed sensors to work properly. If one of these sensors gets damaged or dirty, the system might think there’s a slip even if there isn’t. The result? The ‘Tc’ light stays on.

3. Faulty Steering Angle Sensor

This sensor tells your car the angle of the steering wheel. If it’s not working right, the Traction Control system might get confused and keep the ‘Tc’ light on.

4. Worn Out Tires

Uneven or worn-out tires can cause a loss of traction. Your car senses this and might keep the ‘Tc’ light on as a warning.

5. System Glitches

Like any other electronic system, the Traction Control can have its off days. A glitch or a temporary malfunction might be the culprit.

How to Turn Off TC Light on Chevy Equinox

Got that ‘TC’ light on in your Chevy Equinox? No worries. Here’s a clear and simple guide to help you turn it off.

Start Your Car

First things first. Make sure your car is in “Park” mode, and then start your Chevy Equinox. Give it a moment so all the systems get going.

Find the Traction Control Button

Look around your dashboard or the center console area. You should find a button with a car symbol and wavy lines underneath, or it might simply have TC on it. That’s your Traction Control button.

Press the Button

Once you’ve found the button, give it a press. You should notice the TC light on your dashboard either turns off or changes.

Check the Dashboard

Look at the dashboard. If the ‘Tc’ light is off, you’ve done it! If it’s still on or blinking, wait a moment and press the button again.

Turning It Back On

Safety first! If the roads are wet or icy, you might want that extra grip. To turn the Traction Control back on, just press the button again. When the ‘Tc’ light comes back on the dashboard, it’s active.


1. Is it safe to drive my Chevy Equinox with the T’ light on?

While driving short distances with the TC light on might not immediately cause issues, it’s essential to understand why the light is on. It’s an indicator of the Traction Control system’s status, and consistently driving with it off might affect the vehicle’s handling in certain conditions.

2. Can I manually turn off the ‘TC’ light?

Yes, you can manually turn off the TC light by pressing the Traction Control button (usually marked TC or with a car symbol and wavy lines). However, always ensure you turn it back on when necessary for safety.

3. Why does the TC light keep coming back on after I’ve turned it off?

If the TC light turns itself back on or doesn’t go off after pressing the button, there might be a malfunction or issue with the Traction Control system. It’s best to have your vehicle inspected if this happens.

4. Will turning off the Traction Control improve my Chevy Equinox’s performance?

Turning off Traction Control can sometimes help in specific situations, like when you’re stuck in snow or mud and need wheel spin to get out. However, for everyday driving, it’s recommended to keep it on for optimal safety and performance.

5. Does the TC light indicate any other issues apart from the Traction Control system?

Typically, the TC light specifically relates to the Traction Control system. However, if there are interconnected issues with other systems in your car, like the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), it might also influence the TC light. Always consult with a professional if you’re unsure.

Final Words

I hope this guide helped clarify the TC light in your Chevy Equinox for you. It’s just a small sign, but it’s got a big job to make sure you drive safely. If it ever lights up, now you know the steps.


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