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Technical Geek


Our Technical area, where we discuss manufacturer specifications; firing order; oil capacity; VIN Decodes; engine and transmission comparisons; tuning; engine block casting numbers; serial numbers; engine code stamping numbers; etc.

We would like to provide you with all of the information you need to enjoy your Chevrolet car or truck.

Troubleshooting Geek

Chevy Check Engine Light

The Troubleshooting area is where we discuss common problems and popular solutions. We would like to include you, our community, in the discussion. Our plan is to post readers’ questions and solicit comments from other members of our community.

One good technician is good; but an army of technicians is priceless.

Parts and Performance Geek

5.7 vortec headers

Ever wonder which replacement parts would work best for your Chevrolet vehicle? Are you pondering price versus quality? Or perhaps you are building your weekend warrior, and you are looking for that perfect exhaust note, or which camshaft is going to give you the performance you are looking for on the street or on the strip. We have done the research on a few of the best options and have made a case for each, here on our site.

Have a look and decide for yourself. And if you have seen a new product and are excited about it, let us know in the CONTACT US section and we will be happy to take a look and share the information with our friends!