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Service Stabilitrak: What It Means and How To Reset

The Service StabiliTrak message (also called Service Stabilitrak Light or Stability Track Light) is a warning signal that appears when something is up with your GMC/Chevy’s StabiliTrak System. It can appear when the car is in motion or idle.

While the service stabilitrak dash light is supposed to appear during wet or slippery road conditions, if you are seeing the message appear randomly it’s usually due to a faulty sensor or old wiring.

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the Chevy/GMC Service StabiliTrak Warning Message including what the message means and how to fix it.

What does it mean when it says Service Stabilitrak?

The Service StabiliTrak warning light means that there is a problem with the StabiliTrak system, which is a stability control system that helps to prevent skidding and loss of control in most Chevy and GM vehicles.

The system uses sensors to monitor the vehicle’s speed, steering angle, and lateral acceleration. If the system detects that the vehicle is starting to skid, it will automatically apply the brakes or reduce engine power to help the driver regain control.

Usually the warning light appears due to:

  • A problem with the StabiliTrak sensor
  • A problem with the StabiliTrak control module
  • A problem with the brake system
  • A problem with the traction control system
  • The driver has disabled the StabiliTrak system

Below you’ll find an example of what the Service Stabilitrak light should look like:

service stabilitrak example

You can also use a compatible OBD2 diagnostic tool to identify the specific issue before talking to the shop.

How To Reset Service StabiliTrak Light

1. Turn off the engine

Ensure that your vehicle’s engine is completely turned off before proceeding with the reset process.

2. Disconnect the battery

Locate the vehicle’s battery, typically found in the engine bay. Using the appropriate tools, carefully disconnect the negative (-) terminal of the battery. It is essential to disconnect the negative terminal first to avoid any electrical mishaps.

3. Wait for a few minutes

After disconnecting the battery, wait for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. This waiting period allows any residual electrical charge to dissipate.

4. Reconnect the battery

Reconnect the negative (-) terminal of the battery and ensure it is securely fastened. This step establishes the electrical connection.

5. Start the engine

Start your vehicle’s engine and allow it to run for a few minutes. During this time, the system performs a self-check, and if the underlying issue has been resolved, the “Service Stabilitrak” light should no longer be illuminated.

You can also watch this video showing you how to reset your Service Stabilitrak Light in 3 minutes without a scan tool:

A video teaching how to reset service stabilitrak light

How To Reset Service StabiliTrak Light With a Scan Tool?

As stated earlier, StabiliTrak issues are system problems. There are too many variables at play. You should only mess with it if you have experience dealing with Stability Control problems. Otherwise, seek for help from your mechanic.

See the steps in the infographic below:

infographic on how reset the service stabilitrak light
Reset the Service Stabilitrak with a scan tool infographic.

Best scan tool to scan your GM are i900 and MS300:

iCarsoft i900 GM Scan Tool


Autel MS300 Universal OBD2 Code Reader


Can I Drive With The Service StabiliTrak Light On?

You should only keep driving with the “Service Stabilitrak” light on if the warning message appears after skidding or a high-speed maneuver. As mentioned earlier, in such a scenario, the message is a sign that your system is working well.

The Service StabiliTrak message isn’t always a bad thing. For example, it’s okay if the message flashes when you’re driving on a slippery surface-It’s evidence that the system is working correctly.

However, you should be concerned if the warning message flashes when stationary or driving comfortably. In this case, it’s a sign something is wrong with the StabiliTrak System. Therefore, there is a chance it won’t initialize when you need it the most.

If it lights in any other circumstance, immediately consult an auto mechanic. Without proper functioning Stabilitrak, your vehicle may be more prone to loss of control during challenging driving situations.

Important note: NEVER keep driving if your Brake Warning Light accompanies the StabiliTrak Warning. This means your brakes system is also disabled. Those two are ingredients for disaster.

Service Stabilitrak vs Traction Control

While Stabilitrak and Traction Control System (TCS) share similar goals of enhancing vehicle stability, they are not the same.

The TCS primarily focuses on preventing wheel slip and loss of traction during acceleration, especially on slippery surfaces. It works by selectively applying the brakes or reducing engine power to the spinning wheels, allowing the power to transfer to the wheels with better traction.

On the other hand, Stabilitrak encompasses the functions of TCS but also incorporates additional features to assist in maintaining overall vehicle stability. It takes into account various factors such as steering input, lateral movement, and vehicle yaw, and can intervene in situations where the vehicle is at risk of skidding or spinning out.

However, the Service Traction Control message usually appears with the Service Stabilitrak light.

The video below explains more on this topic:


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5 thoughts on “Service Stabilitrak: What It Means and How To Reset”

  1. I have a 2010 Silverado 2500HD. The truck experienced the Stabiltrak error recently, so I brought the truck to my local NAPA and plugged in their diagnostic tool. The scan tool identified a faulty throttle position sensor (ie: gas pedal). I replaced the gas pedal, and everything was fine for a few days….(thought I solved the problem)….and then the same Service Stabiltrak errored occured this morning. I plan to bring it back to NAPA and plug in the scan tool again. The engine goes into a reduced power mode which limits speed considerabily. The problem is the error is intermittent. Thoughts?

    1. The intermittent nature of the error suggests that there could be a wiring or connection issue rather than a faulty component. It is possible that there is a problem with the wiring or connection related to the throttle position sensor, or with other components related to the StabiliTrak system such as the wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensor, or yaw rate sensor. A diagnostic scan tool with live data capabilities can help to identify any sensor or system values that are out of range, which can help to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. It may also be helpful to visually inspect the wiring and connections related to the StabiliTrak system for any signs of damage or corrosion.

  2. I’ve had two C7 Corvettes and both have intermittently reported a “StabiliTrak” error. With my first C7, just disconnecting the battery cleared the error and all the associated conditions. With that 2015 C7, I only had to do that twice.
    With 2017 C7 though, sometimes it occurs in the first 10 miles or so, other times I’ll get 30 miles before it happens.
    In both cars, the OBD2 codes showed a P0304 error, which is an engine misfire. But the cars run normally until the error occurs and after it’s reset???
    Any ideas?

  3. My 2017 Chevy Silverado has had Stabil Track and ABS and towing lights..cutting power down once and almost pulling me into the ditch twice now. Brought to dealership, they replaced the fuel pump, cleaned evaporation system, replaced vent solenoid and cleaned cannister. Second time in when issue re-ocurred a wiring sensor was replaced to a wheel after a code showed transmission overheating..but it was the sensor not the tranny. Driving on snow today the truck took a violent jerk toward the ditch after re-activating the lane changing protection that I have always had deactivated. Scary stuff and I hear it is not uncommon? Any insight before I bring it in again?

  4. gregory sanders

    So it just did it when it hit that hole twice and it was fine and drive change gears and now it’s not changing gears staying in first gear and the stabilizer track light is on and it service it was on after so I got it back home and it was saying to shut down the motor and the oil pressure is low I had just put a quart in it was low so I’m letting it sit to do what I have read about resetting it self

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