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TR6060 vs. T56 Magnum vs. CD009 vs. TKO600: Which Is The Best? 

In this “TR6060 vs. T56 Magnum vs. CD009 vs. TKO600” review, we compare the four transmission systems based on specific parameters.

After reading the assessment through to the end, you’ll be able to pick a transmission system suitable for your vehicle.

The TR6060, an upgraded version of the T-56 6-speed manual transmission system, has higher torque and smoother gear coordination.

Alternatively, the T56 Magnum, which further improves on a T56, has a higher torque support value and horsepower than the latter.

CD009 is a 6-speed manual transmission of the remaining two transmissions, while the TKO600 is a 5-speed manual transmission.

Therefore, CD009 lets you cruise on highways at lower RPMs, letting you save on gas, thus making it more energy-efficient than TKO600.

If you have an old supercar, you can replace the worn-out transmission with a new TR6060, T56, CD009 or TKO600.

However, before choosing a particular transmission, ensure it’d be a drop-in replacement after carefully considering each transmission’s pros & cons.

Overview and History

TR6060 Transmission

The TR6060 transmission made by TREMEC is a six-speed manual transmission system debuting in the 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

This transmission featuring six forward gears and one reverse gear has evolved directly from TREMEC’s T56 6-speed manual transmission system.

Following its appearance, the TR6060 found extensive applications in various high-performance cars like Viper, Challenger, Corvette, Camaro, Chevrolet, and Falcon.

Technically speaking, the TR6060 tends to be a 2nd generation T-56 transmission created exclusively for doing away with the latter’s limitations.

Featuring T-56’s innards and a maximum torque rating of 700 lb.ft, the TR6060 was the just-the-thing for super cars.

The TR6060 manual transmission features more extensive components, making it more powerful and (hence) more performance-driven than its predecessor.

For instance, TR6060’s 1st gear is thicker than T56 (1.19″ against T56’s 0.98″), making the former more powerful.

Additionally, compacter gear shift travel translates into smoother gear management and boosted torque, thanks to extra space available for more giant gears.

The TR6060’s clutch housing, extension housing, and main casing are aluminum alloy rendering the transmission perfect for performance vehicles.

The sturdiness of the TR6060’s frame makes it wear-and-tear resistant, while its versatility guarantees companionability with sensors of a modern-day vehicle.

T56 Magnum Transmission 

The linchpin amongst all transmissions from TREMEC, the T-56 Magnum manual six-speed transmission is an improved aftermarket edition of TR6060.

The T56 Magnum launched in early 2009 succeeded the TR6060 transmission and was intended to replace the original T56 fully.

The introductory T56 was designed and manufactured by BorgWarner for the 1992 Dodge Viper.

From 1998 onwards, Transmission Technologies Corporation (TREMEC) started making T-56 for 1998-2002 GM F-bodies.

In 2009 the T56 Magnum was launched as a vastly advanced transmission superior to its predecessors – TR6060 and T56.

The T56 Magnum’s architecture, similar to TR6060, embodied TREMEC’s state-of-the-art OEM design and latest fabrication technologies and TKO 5-speed features.

The Magnum is the most versatile of manual 6-speed aftermarket transmissions ever produced by TREMEC.

No wonder the T56 Magnum guarantees an incredibly smooth gear shifting and unprecedented driving experience on the whole.

A 3rd generation T56 transmission, the Magnum fits perfectly in some specific GM and Ford performance vehicles of specific model years.

Some outstanding features of the T56 Magnum transmission include:

  • 700-lb.ft torque capacity
  • 85mm center distance
  • 26-spline input shaft 
  • 31-spline output shaft
  • Compatible fluid/lubricant: ATF Dextron-III
  • 7500 RPM shifts

CD009 Transmission

When it comes to swapping out your vehicle’s old and depleted heavy-duty LS engine, the T56 comes in handy.

However, given the T56’s or T56 Magnum’s consistent performance and durability, these powerful transmissions come at a price.

A brand new T56 could set you back by nothing less than $2,500. 

Also, the original T56 is difficult to source or procure, making the transmission more pricey.

Therefore, most drag racing enthusiasts and supercar owners looking for a cheaper alternative usually settle for a CD009.

As a 6-speed manual transmission like the TR6060 and T56, the CD009 first appeared in Infiniti G35 coupe and ’05-’06 350z.

The CD009 transmission serves as an ideal replacement in all’03-’07 G35 Coupe and ’03-’06 350Z/G35 sedan models and variants.

Many LS swap aficionados mistake the current CD009 transmission (CD00A) with the previous version integrated into 2003-2004 350z. Nissan upgraded the earlier edition notorious for its notchy gears with beefier 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear triple cone synchronizers in mid 2004.

As a mighty transmission, the CD009 transmission is feted by LS enthusiasts enabling vehicles to pump out 1000whp of power.

The CD009’slower gear ratio numbers (and hence more excellent gear ratios) than T56 means slower acceleration and superior fuel economy.

Therefore the Nissan CD009 is preferred over T56 for LS swap for better performance both off and on track. 

TKO600 Transmission

If your supercar’s OEM manual transmission is unable to cope with the engine’s power, then upgrade to TKO600.

A performance-driven manual transmission, the 5-speed TKO600 transmission is the descendant of the TREMEC 3550 initially used in 1966-1973 Ford, Chevrolet, and Jeep models.

Originally designed for the Ford Mustang, the TR-3550 never witnessed mass production but became TKO with a 31-spline output in 1994.

Two variants of the TREMEC TKO transmission were introduced in 2004, TKO500 and TKO600.

Both have a new 2.87 1st gear ratio. TKO600 comes reinforced with a 600-lb.ft of torque, 26-spline input shaft, 31-spline output shaft, and a compact 1st-4th gear ratio.

Quickly the most adaptable 5-speed manual transmission out there, the TKO600 has found its way into almost every RWD vehicle.  

Equipped with robust shift forks and a torque capacity rating of 600, the TKO600 seamlessly suits high-performance applications.

Additionally, with a dry weight of just 99lbs, the TKO600 is lighter than TR6060, T56 Magnum, and CD009.

Other impressive features of TREMEC’s TKO600 comprise smooth shift travel, fuel-efficient overdrive, mechanical and electrical speedometer pickups, and gearing options.

TR6060 vs. T56 vs. CD009 vs. TKO600 Comparison Chart

TR6060T56 MagnumCD009TKO600
Type6-speed manual dual overdrive transmission, RWD (rear-wheel drive)6-speed manual dual overdrive RWD 6-speed manual RWD5-speed manual RWD with overdrive
Torque capacity rating (maximum rating)650-700 lb.ft 700 lb.ft1000 wheel horsepower (WHP)600 lbs.ft
Max RPM8000 RPM7500 RPM6800-7000 RPM6000 RPM
Applications2008-2013 Chevrolet Corvette, 2008-2017 Dodge ViperGM and Ford performance crate enginesVortec and LS engines in GM conversions1979-995 Mustangs
Case MaterialDie-cast aluminum alloyDie-cast aluminum Cast iron and aluminum alloyAluminum
Dimensions (from the main shaft to countershaft)81.3 cm80.9 cm (overall length)40 inches (101.2cm) [total length]60.2 cm (GM); 60.4cm (Ford)
Weight (dry weight)146.2 lb135 lbs150-170 lbs91 lbs
Fluid TypeDextron III ATFDexron III/Mercon ATFGL4 FluidDexron III ATF
Cost$3,500-3,700$2,500 (T56); $6,000 (T56 Magnum)$1,700-$1,750$2,595-$2,750

TR6060 vs. T56 vs. CD009 vs. TKO600: Detailed Comparison

This review on “TR6060 vs. T56 Magnum vs. CD009 vs. TKO600” compares the four transmissions based on the following attributes:


As a robust six-speed manual transmission, the TREMEC TR6060 features six forward gears and one reverse speed gear.

In the TREMEC transmission line-up for high-performance cars, the TR6060 sits midway between the T56 and the T56 Magnum transmissions.

TREMEC TR6060 is a highly advanced version of the T56, while the T56 Magnum takes the performance level a notch higher.

T56 Magnum, a 6-speed manual transmission, has been heavily inspired by TR6060.

The T56 Magnum, which judiciously blends the 5-speed TKO manual transmission’s features and latest OEM manufacturing technologies, is TREMEC’s most performance-oriented 6-speed transmission.

If you’re looking to replace the old manual transmission connected to your Chevy’s LS engine, T56 is your best bet.

However, the T56’s prohibitive cost could discourage you from opting for the replacement.

In such a scenario choosing the CD009 six-speed manual transmission, which costs much less than the T56, would be perfect. 

The TKO600 is the only manual transmission reviewed in this article that comes with 5-speed gears.

TREMEC TKO600 replaced the TR3550 transmission used in 1966-1973 Mustang, Wrangler, and Hot Rod vehicle models.


  • TR6060 Gear ratios
2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT5002.971.781.310.80.632.9
2008 Ford Falcon Ute & XR63.362.071.3510.710.573.28
2008 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo & XR82.981.781.310.710.552.9
2008 - Current Holden HSV E Series3.012.071.4310.840.573.28
2008–2013 Chevrolet Corvette2.661.781.310.740.52.9
2008–2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z512.972.071.4310.710.573.28
2009-2021 Dodge Challenger 5.7/6.1/6.42.972.11.4610.740.53.28
2015-2021 Dodge Challenger Hellcat2.261.581.1910.760.632.9
2009 Pontiac G8 GXP2.972.11.4610.710.563.28
2009–2013 Cadillac CTS-V2.661.781.310.80.632.9
2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS3.012.071.4310.840.573.28
2012–2015 Chevrolet Camaro ZL12.661.781.310.80.632.9
2016-Current Chevrolet Camaro SS2.661.781.310.740.52.9
2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT5002.971.781.310.740.53.98
2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT5002.661.821.310.770.53.98
2013–2016 SRT/Dodge Viper2.261.581.1910.770.632.9
2015–2017 Chevrolet SS3.012.071.4310.710.573.28
2016–2017 Cadillac ATS-V2.661.781.310.790.632.93
2009-2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR12.291.611.2110.810.673.11
  • T56-Magnum Gear ratios: 
Model NumberTUET16362TUET* (TBD)TUET (TBD)TUET16363
1st Gear Ratio2.662.662.972.97
2nd Gear Ratio1.781.782.12.1
3rd Gear Ratio1.31.31.461.46
4th Gear Ratio1111
5th Gear Ratio0.80.740.740.8
6th Gear Ratio0.630.50.50.63
Reverse Gear Ratio2.
  • CD009 Gear ratios: 

3.78(1), 2.32(2), 1.62(3), 1.27(4), 1.00(5), 0.79(6), 3.44 (reverse)

  • TKO600 Gear ratios: 
TREMEC Part NumberWeight (lbs)Torque Cap. (lbs-ft)1st Gear Ratio2nd Gear Ratio3rd Gear Ratio4th Gear Ratio5th Gear RatioRev Gear Ratio


As an upgraded version of TREMEC T56, the TR6060 has a torque capacity of 600-750 lb.ft and a horsepower rating of approximately 700.

The TREMEC TR6060 6-speed manual transmission is convenient for latter-day vehicles, mainly due to its robust construction.

Additionally, the transmission’s strong chassis renders it very wear-and-tear resistant, while its efficiency makes it supremely companionable with automobile sensors.

The T56 Magnum is TREMEC’s most versatile and performance-driven manual transmission capable of handling up to 700-lb.ft of torque.

However, you can make the T56 Magnum cope with up to 1,200 horsepower provided you carry out the necessary modifications.

Talking about compatibility, the T56 Magnum is well suited for race cars and supercars, while the T56 suits passenger cars better. 

The CD009 is a cost-effective 6-speed manual transmission LS engine swap option to T56 or TR6060.

However, settling for the CD009 in place of the T56 does not imply that there’ll be a tradeoff in quality/performance.

Though Nissan has never officially stated the CD009’s torque rating, it can easily make the most of a 1000+wheel horsepower vehicle.  

TREMEC’s TKO600 developed to replace the TR-3550 perfectly suits high-torque engines of both standard and performance racing vehicles. The TKO600 has a 600 lb.ft torque handling capacity and RPM rating of 6000 RPM.


When it comes to your vehicle’s performance, gearing plays a vital role in influencing the driving experience.

Vehicles with longer or higher gear ratios tend to accelerate slowly and steadily but offer consistent speeds and reduced shifting intervals.

Alternatively, cars having transmissions with shorter gear ratios facilitate faster accelerations but call for gear shifting more often than not.

Additionally, vehicles with longer gear ratios that accelerate at lower RPMs also allow you to save hugely on fuel expenses.

Remember that the lesser the number, the longer the gear ratio, and vice-versa.  

  • TR6060-shorter gear ratios 
  • T56 Magnum -longer gear ratios
  • CD009-shorter gear ratios
  • TKO600-longer gear ratios


  • TR6060: 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Chevrolet Corvette (2008-2013), Dodge Viper (2008-2017), Ford Falcon (2008-2016) 
  • T56 Magnum: Chevrolet Corvette (1997-2007), Aston Martin DB7 Vantage (1999-2003), Dodge Viper (1992-2007)
  • CD009: GM vehicles with LS and Vortec motors,’ 05-’06 350z and G35 
  • TKO600: (1966-1973) Ford Mustang, Factory Five Hot Rod, Jeep Wrangler; (1966-1977) Ford Bronco, Ford F100, and Ford FStreet Rod

Common Problems


  1. You may have a problem locating the reverse gear, especially during the winters.
  2. You’ll often experience difficulty in shifting to reverse, particularly when the reverse lockout solenoid is active.

T56 Magnum

  1. Many owners have reported experiencing a horrible vibration and peculiar rattle.
  2. Also, several owners complained that the six-speed got locked into 4th gear and didn’t remain in 3rd.
  3. Shift quality is notchy.


  1. Difficulty in shifting from 1-2 and 3-4 gears with occasional grinding.
  2. Often, the clutch doesn’t disengage, and once disengaged, it becomes challenging to reengage.


  1. Shifting issues at lower RPMs.
  2. Shifting from 2nd to 3rd is a nearly impossible challenge many drivers have experienced.

TR6060 vs. T56 vs. CD009 vs. TKO600: A Closer Look

We’ll meticulously compare the transmissions in pairs, i.e. TR6060 vs. T56; T56 vs. CD009; and T56 vs. TKO600.

TR6060 vs. T56: Which is better?

Both TR6060 and T56 Magnumare 6-speed manual transmissions that are pretty similar in terms of features and functionalities.

So many auto enthusiasts and vehicle owners are in a dilemma about choosing a transmission to replace the old one.

Selecting correct replacement transmission becomes easier when comparing their differences and pros & cons.

TREMEC T56 Magnum is a top-end transmission primarily designed for use in high-horsepower vehicles.

This transmission can deal with up to 1,200HP once you carry out some applicable tweaks and modifications.

Some of the pros or advantages of the T56 Magnum include a lightweight but robust aluminum frame which boosts performance and longevity.

Additionally, this transmission offers you good mileage and comes with commendable horsepower and torque ratings.

On the flip side, T56 has poorly designed gear ratios that call for cutting the consoles befittingly to ensure a perfect fit.

And this can be a very exhausting and challenging task.

TR6060 can also deal with higher torques thanks to the segregated machining of the gear and clutch ring.

Attaching the clutch ring and the equipment through laser welding effectively checks the wastage of space.

The TR6060 also offers more power due to the blocker’s increased diameter and friction rings with a three-cone design.

Additionally, the TR6060 has a robust framework that helps resists wear-and-tear, and its versatility ensures compatibility with vehicle sensors.

However, it may experience stiffness in shifting its 1st and 2nd gears, especially during winters.

And yes, the TR6060 costs about $1,500 more than the T56.

Considering all the pros & cons, we conclude that the TR6060 and T56 Magnum are suitable for performance applications.

T56, on the other hand, makes a more befitting replacement in vehicles used for everyday driving. 

T56 vs. CD009

How does the T56 stack up vis-à-vis the CD009 considering that both are 6-speed manuals?

The T56 puts out about 700 lb.ft of torque, implying that it can handle mighty GM, Ford LS engines.

At the same time, the Magnum enables reasonably smooth gear shifting.

Nevertheless, one noticeable downside of T56 is sticky clutch pedals that come through RPM shifting. 

The following are some other pros and cons of T56 Magnum:


  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • Aftermarket faceplanting alternatives
  • Sequential shifter options


  • Remarkably expensive

CD009 can belt out around 1200WHP max if adequately fitted, durably built, pairs well with nearly all Nissan clutches, and shifts smoothly.

However, CD009 has shorter gears, problematic manual swap, etc.

But the CD009 costs significantly less than the T56, including both rebuild and new models.

Talking about LS swap, the lower price of CD009 outweighs what you spend on an adapter kit.

You’ll also have to do an 8.8 exchange for altering your vehicle’s rear gear to make it drivable.

You can continue driving the car with the OEM 4.10 RX7 rear gear as far as a T56 swap is concerned.

TKO600 vs. T56

As a six-speed transmission, the T56 has a clear and distinct edge over the TKO600, which is a 5-speed transmission.

The Magnum has a higher torque capability (700ft.lbs against 600ft.lbs) than the TKO600.

Furthermore, T56 features a single-rail system in sharp contrast to TKO’s multi-rail has multiple-cone synchronizers (TKO has single-cone syncs) and wider gears.

However, the T56 tends to be heavier, taller, longer and broader, implying that your vehicle will be carrying more weight.

Last but not least, T56 handles up to 7800 RPM (against TKO’s 6,200) with the smoother shift.

Regarding compatibility, T56 is more suitable for drag racing, whereas the TKO is appropriate for street applications.

When it comes to swapping, TKO has an advantage as the T56 is tauter with the shift location further back compared to stock.


So there you have it, the similarities and differences of TR6060, T56 Magnum, CD009, and TKO600.

Now you’re aware of the benefits and drawbacks of all four transmissions and their compatibility.

So finally, you can decide which one to choose for replacing the depleted transmission of your vehicle.


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